What we do?

Our team of experts cut down your high electricity bill to zero level. We have already made this possible to more than 150+ consumers. Few of our customers are making money and earning as per their success stories.

We Design

Our experts audit your site after understanding your high electricity bills start designing & engineering to reduce it to zero level.

See How?
We Design

We Install

We deliver and install highest quality of components equipments to ensure your electricity bill will never make you worry

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We Install

We Monitor

Once you get our hassle free rooftop solar system, our continuous monitoring service helps you to save & contribute more

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We Monitor

Why now?

Because you have been putting your on part of hard earned money in paying high electricity bill for very long. Now you don’t have to as we will reduce your electricity to zero and will make sure you won’t pay in future too.

You Earns Money

Why to pay high electricity bills when you can earn money from sun by selling excess electricity after reducing it to zero level.

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Upto 40% Subsidy

You can avail upto 40% solar subsidy on total installation cost as per Government schemes, policies and guidelines.

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Green Contribution

A great steps towards making our children's future better as 1kW solar saves 154+ trees and prevents 20+ tons of CO2

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Why Choose Us?

There are 1000+ companies are present in market, but we are the one who is making difference. We deliver what we promise to you within given time. We have four reasons to makes us your 1st choice to reduce your electricity bill to ZERO

Quality Assurance

We can't afford to lose you, so we don't compromise with quality and workmanship involved in our services. Best brands with better warranties

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Transparent Pricing

Flexible payment options are available as milestones based part payments. You can also avail easy financing options with low cost EMI's


Speedy Installations

Our team of experts delivers and installs your system like no-one. Our speeds makes us the No. 1 choice for everyone that is our USP and we are best at it.

Lifetime Support

Be assure as you gets lifetime support from us once you join us. Our service team is ready to address your service queries 24/7 for lifetime.

Lifetime Support

Our Milestones

We are India’s leading rooftop solar company who is creating and breaking records.

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Completed Project


Kilowatt Installed


Tons of CO2 Prevented


User's Success Stories

Our user's success stories will help you to understand that how we are making difference and helping them to attain zero electricity bill. We have installed more than 650 rooftop solar system for homeowners, businesses, factories, institutions and industries. With a reputation built on offering superior service, experienced team and high quality materials that we use

Rooftop Solar System Company is Solar Mait India ka solar





Rooftop Solar Installation in Janakpuri New Delhi



Solar for Institutional Buildings



Solar Mait is best Rooftop Solar Panel System Company for Commercial Building



Solar FAQs

In case of any queries or questions you can get in touch with solar experts.

  • Should i go solar ?

    If your monthly electricity bill is above INR 2000 on average, you have physical access to your rooftop, and if you want to make money from the sun, it makes absolute sense for you to go solar.

  • What is rooftop solar system?

    Solar Rooftop System consists of solar panels that are mounted up on your roof/terrace, unlike traditional Solar Systems which required extra land for setup. This reduces costs and increases utilization of space on your roof/terrace.

  • How much rooftop solar system cost?

    The answer depends on a number of factors like grid type, system size, specifications of the system, your electricity consumption pattern, etc. When you schedule a solar site assessment, our engineers visit your premises, they evaluate the feasibility of solar power system on your rooftop by analyzing a number of engineering parameters like shadow profiling, design 3D-structure layouts, etc. to determine the most optimized system size at the best price for you.

  • Is there any bank finance available on rooftop solar system?

    Yes , it is possible to get loans from banks but quite difficult for large- scale and small-scale solar projects. If you take a loan from bank the rate of interest will be in between 10-13% but Solar-Mait provides loans at 11.99%. Moreover, 4% cash back is given by Solar-Mait after 1 year.

Certifications & Accreditations