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We are able to achieved by making it easy for local businesses and individuals to quickly start and grow their solar business as our business model is easy to scale and operate in any location across PAN India. You can save your valuable time & money when you call our qualified solar experts to schedule a free consultation and discuss the opportunities available to you. Since we have developed and studied the solar energy sector and its business culture from nut bolts to highest class of engineering and technologies involved in it.

Why Us ?

Because you will get everything what you are going to need to grow yourself and your business in coming years. We will coach you by hand-holding and providing every support from customer acquisition, proposal making to supplying & installing the systems or solution. We also provides Easy EMI / Loan / Finance Facility for our partner's customers to get services without any delay or obstacle.


  Qualified leads in your target city

  Listing on Solar-Mait website

  Branding & Marketing Support

  Sales & Customer Acquisition Support


  Design & Engineering Support

  Material Supply & Procurement Support

  Installation & Commissioning Support

  Lifetime Customer Service and Support