Rooftop Solar will get No more electricity bill

Rooftop Solar Solutions for Homes

Contact us to get a rough estimate of the cost you can expect to save on your electricity bill with solar energy installation on your rooftop. Now Solar is more simple & affordable option in place of traditional grid electricity. By installing rooftop solar system on your beautiful house you will increase the value of your property. Going solar means more savings and contributing your environment.

Solar rooftop for home installation is affordable for almost anyone to get started on a Greener, Cleaner and Cheaper way forward. Installing a solar power KW system will instantly add to the value of your residential property. Apply for Govt. Subsidy & No Cost EMI Finance Facility

Benefits of Rooftop Solar Panels System.

Make Money from Sun

Transform high electricity bill into a money-making model


25-30 year output warranty, Low maintenance system


 Every 1kW ~ planting 154 Trees, saving 20 Tons CO2


Investment back in 3-4 years & free electricity thereafter

Advantages of Rooftop Solar Systems

Cheaper Source of Electricity to any alternative:

Your electricity prices are only rising year on year. You pay less and save  substantially with Solar. Diesel power, the most popular power source alternative for off grid users is far more expensive than solar power.

An electricity bill is unavoidable, you may as well pay a cheaper one:

Whether you go to the utility or install a solar system, an electricity bill is an inevitability. However,by making the switch to solar, you will realize substantial savings.

It’s available always and anytime:

Your free rooftop space can be used to power your entire household electricity demand, anytime day or-night. And by entire we mean anything and everything from the dishwasher to the light bulb to your shaver.

Clean and Environment Friendly:

Traditional Electricity is powered by fossil fuels that leave a huge carbon footprint. So by making the switch to Solar, you are doing a favor to your future generations and sustaining mother earth.

Solar is an investment :

Unlike your Smartphone which gives you zero returns, Solar is smart energy whereby you realize fixed and lucrative returns on your investment. It is better than an FD!

As Solar Prices are Low and Electricity Prices are High and This is the Right Time to Go Solar Now


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